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Al Jazeera America
Apr 11, 2014 5:30pm EDT
orchestras as with the israelis too. >> you have conducted orchestras in sarajevo and kashmir. there seems to be conflict that draws one another, what is that? >> we plus not stop use our art to help people, bring people together. the sarajevo, we played a concert in the bombed courtyard of an islam ick library. one of the first things that the sesh serbs bombed was the courtyard of book. no public could be allowed it was only for television. but we did the rehearsals in the non-bombed theater. where three or four times it was full and the sarajevo public came to listen. it was my lifelong dream to have muslims and hindus, come and listen together. i didn't change history from the end of that concert but they sat together and heard beethoven and tc hykofsky. >> india is very important to you. i wonder if you could describe your path from india to israel, i know it's a very long story. >> no, i'm still an indian with my pas passport. i studied in berlin. i got a call that a very venerable conductor eugene ormandy was ill. they had nobody, i had just conducted in philadelphia was in '6
Apr 21, 2014 5:00am PDT
is in the kashmir region where the heavy rainfall has devastated the growing of the wheat crop here over the past month. this is quite unusual. the monsoon typically doesn't pick in for this part of india until mid-july. the rain has been dampening the prospects of a large production this season. remember a lot of these farmers do depend on that rainfall being right on time. and it typically starts mid-july and you can still see the cloud cover across pakistan and into kashmir is that rainfall. now the rest of india, you are still looking at dry weather. clear skies out here. highs into the high 30s, to low 40s. so it is remaining rather dry down here towards the south. let's look farther towards the east, though, a different type of monsoon setting up into eastern asia. a monsoon that's starting to get its act together. what we do see this time of year is a siberian high starts to lift off. and the west high works its way in towards the south. you can see the band of cloud cover. this is the low pressure area basically stretches right between those two highs. that makes for rainfal
right across the middle east from pakistan and kashmir. in that sense they're on the same wavelength. >> a couple questions for you. one is, as a journalist, i'm curious how you got and isi agent to confess one of the largest open secrets in pakistan? my hat is off the because that might have been quite a moment for you. but also just more generally, do you think the reason afghan election, i know it's ongoing, do you think it was a success? if so, what do you think? do think it's harder for the taliban to attack the afghan government that was elected by the afghan? >> i'm going to disappoint you on the source because the wording is very carefully crafted in the book, and for the safety of the people involved i cannot go further than that. i'm sure you will appreciate its dangers for journalists to help me work on that sort of thing, and its dangers for the source himself. i've been very careful how i have phrased it to avoid -- and there's more i know, but they said if he said more, it's too dangerous for us. so i'm afraid i'm going to stop there, except that i really, really trust
Apr 13, 2014 7:00am EDT
about kashmir punjab, the army is constantly deployed against people that are supposedly within the nation. and now because of this new aggressive economic policy which involves selling the bounds, the rivers privatizing and mining there is a war going on against indigenous people in the forests of central india. but the war is not just in the forests. there's a whole bandwidth of resistance movements. inside the force are the armed maoist guerrillas. outside there are militant people's movements. there's a whole bandwidth of movements which, you know, academics and journalists like to classify as oh this is gandhi and this is nonviolence this is violence, this is maoist. but, in fact people don't think like that. they think strategically. so when you're out in the villages, in the plains, you can't really have a guerrilla army. so you have movements which call themselves gandhian or, in any case there are militant but not armed. inside the forest, which are now filled with paramilitary forces like in latin america and like in colombia in peru you have these hugely armed soldiers cl
Apr 21, 2014 6:30pm PDT
can see state of jammu and kashmir. but this time is spent to lead by some on line i got down to under construction by up to spawn including the diamond hunt down on that it would end is that anything think that this isn't from the prince the cpp and the diamondbacks that they tend to look at it i do dispute to the correspondence take him up this month i've been up to the province. some ten people in the body hopping kid. i've included the area and that any band that has been candid about the fun has to be built without permission. the local people and with it. that fire an informed consent. and with the offence the men off the headlights as well as their due share in the end in revenue and management so that is something that by this time is not avoiding of the time being and am giddy about this time the entire population due to both the sun stands for the people of gaza district. the study also criticized the sun i intended to conduct economic activities on the tenth tee keat at the dougherty says despite the accident on the stand to be seen the simple optus punt on the economic cred
Al Jazeera America
Apr 10, 2014 5:00am EDT
skirmishes across the kashmir border have heightened tensions. but the underlying tension is over the 26/11 attacks in mumbai. india wants the perpetrators and the master minds brought to justice on indian soil. to the east they have a good reputation and relationship with bangladesh, there's the issue of hindu migrants who have left bangladesh wanting to come to india and nationality. it's always a bone of contention. who can deal with it is interesting. possibly they are a firmer hand. certainly the pakistani - whether they want to have outside influences such as russia, a long-standing america who they have been warming up to a past decade, coming in on the event. it's a debate that is happening within the political circles of indian politics. i don't think the indian public at large worry too much about international relations at the moment. they think that the issues that matter for them are inflation, unemployment, health care, utilities, and international relations and relationships where the neighbours come well down the wishlist. >> thank you. it was mentioned the issues that would
Apr 2, 2014 6:00pm PDT
rbi double. 6-1 final. kashmir was out of baseball for two years and joe asked him after the game. what kept him going during the long months of frustration. >> love of the game i guess. i wanted to get out there. i couldn't watch baseball on tv, it would kill me knowing that's something i was born to do. born to been out there. great game with all the defense, the bats were there. it was a great game. >> you know what a great game it was for the warriors with a victory over dallas. today the nba front office in new york makes the announcement. the blocked shot on ellis by jermaine o'neal. the league office says this blocked shot was goaltending and should not have been a legal block. as you watch it again,o neal catches on it the down ward arc. however the warriors don't care, you can't reverse the play at this point. the warriors are getting spanked insonson when -- san antonio tonight. they have not won since the 70s. >> since 97, who's counting. >>> we're monitoring breaking news out of fort hood texas. four people are dead including the shooter. we'll have the latest in 30 mi
Apr 5, 2014 8:22pm EDT
against its own people. from 1947 where the youth think about kashmir these are from telling ghana punjab the army is constantly deployed against people that are supposedly within the nation. now because of this new aggressive economic policy which involves selling the mountains, the rivers, privatizing and mining there is a war going on against the indigenous people in the forests of central india. but the war is not just in the forests. there's a a whole bandwidth of resistance movements. inside the forests are the armed maoists gorillas. outside there are militant people's movements. there's a whole bandwidth of movements which academics and journalists like to class of high as this is violence and this is nonviolent. this is violent and this is maoists but in fact people don't think like that. they think strategically so when you are out in the villages and the planes you can actually have the guerrilla army. you have movements which call themselves, in any case there are militant but not armed. inside the forests which are now filled with paramilitary forces like in latin amer
Apr 6, 2014 3:00pm EDT
the year before last. -- in prison the year before last. in kashmir there are, you know, thousands of people who have been killed, thousands who have disappeared. but yet india is known as a great democracy, and there is a part of india which is a great democracy, it's just that it doesn't apply to all the people. it just applies to some people, you know? so i think social movements are going to be under tremendous pressure. i think we're going to see the army called out against the poorest people and what india's very good at doing in the government is that it'll take young men from kashmir and deploy them in -- [inaudible] it'll take people and deploy them in assam, it'll take people and deploy them in ghana. in this way like a good colonial power, it pits people against each other. >> do you want to take an india question or a writing question? not that they are mutually exclusive. >> food question. >> food question. there are no food questions here. [laughter] not yet. >> often the discourse and writing, both fictional and nonfictional, within the muslim-american community are hig
Apr 17, 2014 7:00pm PDT
john on kashmir. those include our project recently hit by rioting. i wonder if any of eight hundred and fifty million voters casting their ballots thursday with the country's biggest day of voting. both are spread across twelve states. indian administered kashmir and in no way to the information technology hub of bangalore and the sound track to stand in the land in the tea growing family in town of darjeeling in the east. any produce a beer and asked if that many economy and government corruption. they really want to read it's going to erupt. i was too much of the government so that the people we elect to represent large ears to get rid of corruption in our connecting flight. on the election is becoming too moist rates between ronald ninety nine and of the countryside and hindi national narendra modi the leader of the opposition bjp was positioned himself as business friendly. dealing with the theories of corruption scandals the country party looks at them and think decade long grip on power. the parties will be here for more than fifty and sixty seven years of independence. i will
Apr 24, 2014 6:30am PDT
on specific pockets that can be difficult. at the knees creak open market. indian kashmir has headed to the polls but under the shadow of violent threats from the oceans thursday's ballot it's just the nation state to india's find weak connection that these one hundred and eighteen million people eligible to vote. residents of mumbai also cast their ballots as to constituents in the southern state of town until results are due on the sixteenth the opposition hindu nationalist bjp is widely tipped to take power reason fifteen minute stay with us. he says. welcome to the interview i'm concerned yet. there was this morning when us and allies in europe the middle east who will read one of washington's asia payments announced in twenty eleven the policy was suppose to prioritize asia which has halt the world's population has him and is on course to account for hall of the planet's economic health but the arab spring the israeli palestinian deadlock and the ukraine crisis seem to have taken priority instead. and this january in his state of the union speech. the us president and lea
Apr 10, 2014 10:00pm EDT
the way to do it. they then continued and they had their own proxy to go into kashmir. and now this is the only thing i think they know. they are in ensuring a state in afghanistan and they will continue doing it until someone stops them. >> could the united states have stopped them? >> they could have done a lot more to help stop them. to bolster the civilians and to tell the people the truth, you have to tell the pakistani people what's going on because most do not know what they are doing. >> most of the front page was white. they did not want to print it. the pressure on journalists in the editors in pakistan is very strong to not cross certain lines. you don't talk about support for the taliban, sponsorship of terrorism. you don't talk about nuclear issues which is huge. i feel that it must be open to the people. then i feel the civilian government, if it helps to be strong, will eventually seize back security policy and foreign policy. at the moment it's all in the hands of the military. they are set on a ruinous course. in her last campaign she said she wanted to. she was act
Apr 7, 2014 8:00pm PDT
the stupid ball rolling in the second. the a's are going to win this thing 83 scott kashmir also nice start to wins no losses. derek has a home run. there you go opening day in minnesota spoiled by the oakland a's. again the final eight to cp warriors up and sold a play denver thursday. the question did only will he be ready to go come the playoffs which will open up a week from saturday. here's the deal was lead lawyers stay out for the steel bolt for the foreseeable feature future. we as the team's second leading scorer and rebounder. lawyers estimate for this one reason why i'm laughing his young guy darren urban it in fact and that one lost vegas we could people discover the boston celtics. he was not well-known player. years ago in the team says armen no longer with the club for conduct up a detrimental to the franchise pre so-called bring a few weeks ago herman today. the warriors have fired two assistant coaches and the campus is at to what the headstone on him. mark jackson and slowly but surely eliminating his buddies on the bench. good news for match richmond once upon a tim
Apr 10, 2014 12:00pm PDT
fighting to go into kashmir and the cal ban rose up and quickly caught up to them. and now this is the only thing they know how to, they really believe they're defending pakistan's interest and ensuring a client state in afghanistan. and they're going to continue doing it until someone stops them. and i think it has to be a civilian. >> rose: who is going to stop them. >> i think it has to be a civilian government. >> rose: do you think the united states well stop them. >> they could have done more to stop them. i'm not suggesting boots on the ground or bombing. and to tell the people the truth, this is probably why i wrote the book. you've got to tell the pakistani people what's going on because most of them don't know what their own government's doing. >> rose: the meese you wrote in the "new york times" magazine just simply blanked out in pakistan. >> yes. most of the front page was white. they didn't want to print it, you know. and that was a bit of self censorship but it's because the pressure on the editors in pakistan it's very strong not to cross red lines. you don't talk about
Apr 2, 2014 6:00pm PDT
the year of the home run tunnel. kashmir had it on cruise control. five strikeouts in seven and a third shutdown innings. not a bad first impression in front of the head coach fans and his ex-teammates. a's beat the indians 6-1 in the first game of a double heard. >>> they are just talking trash. they would tell me how fast it was just messing with me. but it was all in front. >> they will try anything to throw you off? >> no, i was focused today. >> and a's focus again leading the nightcap 2-0. that game is in the 3rd inning. >>> well, it turns out the rain wasn't the only thing that prevented desean jackson from flying to the bay are to visit the 49ers or the raiders. >> "show me the money"! >> daniel snyder and the redskins did just that. signing jackson to a three-year deal reportedly worth $24 million with $16 million guaranteed. the 49ers and raiders were interested in the former cal star who was released after 6 years in philadelphia. >>> you know, there's an old saying around these parts that there are three certainties in life, death, taxes and the stanford women in the f
Al Jazeera America
Apr 22, 2014 6:00am EDT
a policeman and a civilian. protests are held in india kashmir after three people were shot death and victims were two politicians south of the regional capitol and it happened a day before a new round of voting in india's general election. dozens of suspected al-qaeda fighters have been killed in a series of u.s. drone attacks in yemen at least 68 fighters and commanders are thought to have been killed over several days. and the u.s. is trying to destroy al-qaeda strongholds in the peninsula. u.s. appeals court ordered the government to reveal details of a controversial drone strike in yemen and an american citizen was targeted by a drone in 2011 and federal appeals court says the legal justification for the killing, they want to know. the trial of detained journalists resumed in a court in cairo and greste and fahmy and mohamed and have been behind bars for 115 days and the fourth journalist in detention is held without trial since last august and we report. >> journalists for al jazeera appear in court for the 6th time and peter greste, producers fahmy and mohamed have been in
Apr 24, 2014 7:00pm PDT
. the asked lisa to take security in kashmir olson said that as politicians urged cache near eastbourne top of her india's sovereignty which he did not lie and pretend the hundred and seventeen seats were up for grabs on thursday. in all five hundred and forty three members of parliament will be elected for the six week period after ten years in office and insisting that he will not seek a third term. we need you think they're pretty for change. thousands rallied in the suburbs of bangladesh's capital to commemorate the first anniversary of the run up was a garment factory fire. angry protesters demanding better working conditions and aid for victims and their families. this in the week the textile factory blaze at lest one thousand one hundred and thirty eight. the summer family member is fiercely i'm retired. that sums up the spot with a run of five though one of steve's. he makes to break ties in the garment workers who died in the factory collapsed and policing to demand that the government the international community here at the time when many families are still in the t
Al Jazeera America
Apr 24, 2014 7:00am EDT
from india. rebels killed three people tuesday in execution style attacks in kashmir. 117 states in one union territory are up for grabs and more than 800 million people are expected to participate in the election. >> the u.s. government is reversing its position when it comes to treating all internet data equally, proposing new rules allowing big companies to pay internet service providers for a faster track to their customers. we are joined now to explain by erica pitzi. this seems like a game changer. >> tech experts would agree. since the beginning of the worldwide web, so-called knelt neutrality has been the norm, protection from censorship. disney netflix or google could pay internet service providers for special express lanes to send content like video to their customers. the problem, that cost incurred by the companies to get the fast track will likely be passed on to the consumer. this policy shift comes on the same day the brazilian president signed a so-called internet constitution that does the opposite, barring companies from charging for preferential access to thor net
Apr 14, 2014 2:30pm EDT
he was a bullet resist to india and kashmir. now is a problem in the military doesn't know what to do with it. that has become a problem of how to change the national discourse. otherwise as far as the military is concerned, you've written about it in your wonderful book, you know, about how the military's character and the officers and some of the ideas from islamist ideas, some of the retired generals reflecting a very different ideology than the means to you. that said, as an institution in the pakistani attorney would be better off if we could have a free hand in pushing the insurgents and criminalizing as haroon said i'm a big hands are tied or by what i call the national discourse. it is different in pakistan to stand up and say, you know what, let's go revisit our constitution. we don't need a provision in the constitution that declares the community as non-muslims. no other country has it. why should we have it? there are american religious groups that consider each other unbelievers. other christian denominations that consider the other not particularly christian, but you
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 7:00am EDT
. >> the front runner casting his video. also voting in kashmir, streets filled with more security personnel than voters, many saying they want independence from india and separatist groups calling for a boycott at the polls. >> the nation's highest court coming down hard on cross state polluters. the supreme court issued a strong 6-2 ruling that upholds the government's decision to regulate air pollution across state boundaries. it settles a case that challenged the e.p.a.'s cross state pollution rules. the law protects up-wind states from high polluting, low wind states who cause them to fail federal air standards. >> there is a new warning about smog saying particle pollution is down but ozone pollution rising, which means more smog. warmer temperatures are a factor. the report claims half the u.s. population lives in counties with unhealthy ozone levels. johnson and johnson temporarily stopping aify road surgical device. it will stop selling the device as well as distribution and promotion of it. the company will not pull it from the market. two weeks ago, the f.d.a. urged doct
Apr 14, 2014 7:00am EDT
is one that people do not the about very often in disputed kashmir region between pakistan and india. there, we dojust not get too many reports about it. every so often, we will hear things about what is going on. one i referred to on the border of syria and israel. that one has been there for now, four decades. 1973 the yom kippur war in and after when they came up with a peace arrangement. the u.n. has been in congo from pretty much the time the belgians left it in 1960. theome form or another, united nations has been going to congo for a very long time. the country has had a very difficult path recovering from first its colonial experience t some kindying to ge of law and order across that huge country that is roughly the size of western europe altogether. yes, some of them are very old, as old as the united nations itself. host: this is an issue for congressman mario diaz bullard of florida at the hearing we showed you earlier with you on ambassador -- with eu on ambassador. thehe success rate for united states continues to rise above what is authorized by u.s. law. meanwhile, th
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)